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electrical engineering

Electrical Energy assignment’s results

Dear international teams!

Here are the results of electrical energy assignment!

TeamAssignment 1
(max 25 points)
Assignment 2
(max 30 points)
Assignment 3
(max 45 points)
SchwerinGoethe1 2530 45 100
SchwerinGoethe218 24 18 60


Part 1: Epot assessment correct.
Part 2: Epot assessment correct, the reservoir is large enough and this will have even 258 MWh surplus stored.
Part 3: the area assessment is correct.

Part 1: Water level rise is to be 1m, but 15m is the total height difference. So here the height 14m is double-used in calculation. Correct answer would be Epot ~ 410 MWh.
Part 2: a bit confusing, but in essence the extracted energy found with correct approach.
Part 3: 60 h total energy demand specified OK, but confusion is in 100%-75%-13% proposal.