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electrical energy

Electrical Energy assignment’s results

Dear international teams!

Here are the results of electrical energy assignment!

TeamAssignment 1
(max 25 points)
Assignment 2
(max 30 points)
Assignment 3
(max 45 points)
SchwerinGoethe1 2530 45 100
SchwerinGoethe218 24 18 60


Part 1: Epot assessment correct.
Part 2: Epot assessment correct, the reservoir is large enough and this will have even 258 MWh surplus stored.
Part 3: the area assessment is correct.

Part 1: Water level rise is to be 1m, but 15m is the total height difference. So here the height 14m is double-used in calculation. Correct answer would be Epot ~ 410 MWh.
Part 2: a bit confusing, but in essence the extracted energy found with correct approach.
Part 3: 60 h total energy demand specified OK, but confusion is in 100%-75%-13% proposal.

Electrical Energy assignment

Here You can find the assignment for electrical energy.

Please download the assignment, solve it with Your teammates and upload the answers using the button under.

You have 2 hours to solve the assignment. It’s Your free choice how to present Your answer – You could save Your answers in Word, Excel or PDF. Or You could write it down on paper and take a picture of it. Then You could upload the picture of Your solutions.